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Nikki MarVelez is an Entrepreneur, Social Media Celebrity, Fashionista, and Mom to Toby and Chewbear .

I live in the world of NOW, never thinking about tomorrow or yesterday. Picture a mortal Vampire that feeds off people's energy 24/7. We could have had the best time together yesterday laughing our asses off, but at the same time,  if you're miserable or boring today...stay the fcuk away from me. It's that simple. Life is too short to waste one second on something that isn't motivating me, teaching me, or making me laugh. Please don't take it personally, or take it personally, idgaf that's me. Well anyway...


If I told you who I am, what my goals are, and the theme of this website at this very moment, most likely it would be just that...just for this very moment. What I'm telling you is, I could actually get up from this desktop, go make a sandwich, sit back down and then delete (without a second thought) the 48 straight sleepless hours I put into creating this masterpiece and start going in a totally different direction. Let's put it this way, one minute I could be a Storm Trooper fighting the Resistance, the next I'm a cute little deer with a chipmunk voice telling Knock-Knock jokes. Yes it's that extreme. So if this site seems unconventional and feels like a jigsaw puzzle that has yet been assembled, then you totally get it. You've climbed inside my head. You see, all the pieces are there with no urgency to fit them all together. Each piece can be enjoyed just as much on an individual basis. 

Let's not complicate things since complicated things are no fun at all. In my world it's simple with no thinking necessary. Be random and just point, click, enjoy!


Nikki MarVelez

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